Friday, July 6, 2012

Quilt #3 is 'In Progress'! Reece's 17th Birthday Quilt

Ok.... so, no break for the weary! LOL. As soon as I finished my grandma's quilt, my son decided he wanted one for his birthday. And do kids ever ask for anything easy? NO! He decided that he wanted an Asian Quilt (we are Asian, after all!) and picked a Hanui (Kimono) Quilt from Susan Briscoe's book "Japanese Quilt Inspirations". OUCH! so, we went to JoAnn Fabric and Hobby Lobby and picked out some beautiful Japanese fabric. I also ordered a few special pieces as well to showcase the sleeves. I did piece the sleeves together and cut the decorative center panel. Reece decided on a beautiful dragon fabric, but I was disappointed because it was rather flat. So, brilliant (or not!) me decided to hand embroider the fabric to make it beautiful and a showpiece of the quilt. I am almost done with that.... it has been worked on in Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico and Ohio... and in a plane above and between... But, if it turns out beautiful and my son loves it, that is all that I can ask for!

Here is the quilt design (Above) and the fabric for the sleeves (below)...

 This is the fabric for the rest of the quilt (excluding the centerpiece).

 Here I finished piecing the sleeves. This is the LEFT Sleeve.

 And here is the RIGHT sleeve.

 This is the Center Panel - As you can see, it is pretty, but rather flat after the gorgeous fabric of the sleeves...

So, my embroidery began! My next post will be an update on the Embroidery!