Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love It ~ Pin It ~ Win It~ Lucy's Beach {Poetry} Quilt

Moda Bake Shop..... Need I say more??? My favorite recipes that are fat and calorie free! Selecting my favorite 'Recipe' for the Love it- Pin it- Win it contest was hard.... It would have been easier to select a quilt I didn't like.... But, I hemmed and hawed and finally decided on THIS absolutely adorable quilt! The Quilt is titled Lucy's Beach {Poetry} Quilt and is stunningly beautiful and whimsical!
The solid white blocks are hand embroidered with a sweet little beach poem that will make you smile year after year!
Picture yourself spread out on this lovely quilt by the beach in the summer!

I am linked up to this on the Moda Bake Shop "Love It, Pin It, Win It" Contest!