Monday, August 13, 2012

Piecing and Borders are DONE!!!

I'm almost sad that this "growing quilt is finally done! I made numerous modifications and style changes, but really like the way the top finished up. Best of all, so does the recipient! Reece seems quite pleased and can't wait to get the finished product.

An area of "surprise" was the final dimensions. As you will guess, it just kept growing as I added more border designs. Because of the size change, my backing fabric no longer fit. But, never fear, that worked out perfectly as I did a decorative pieced back! I was soooo pleased with the results! It looks really beautiful.

I picked out two gorgeous variegated quilting threads this weekend to do the quilting with. I will try to completely finish the quilt within the next two weeks. I plan to do a diamond quilted border, stitch in the ditch and hand quilting in the center panel.

The pics below are of the quilt top spread out on a king size bed!